Jean Paul Gaultier and lingerie: It was Fate!

7 Sep

“A Triumph of bodices, tulle and hooks”

Just before the beginning of Milan fashion week, La Perla and Jean Paul Gaultier decided to collaborate to create a new exclusive “Collection Createur” .
That the couturier had to grapple with lingerie was obvious since the time of his famous cono bra made for Madonna.

The lingerie is a part of my DNA and my creative experience.”- Jean Paul Gaultier

The collection combines two approaches definitely couture: machining “soutache” which is one of the great classics of La Perla, a sophisticated technique for creating patterns in silk ribbon on tulle, and satin stitched star on those items that outline silhouette so dear to the designer.

Each model is a celebration of the female body. There are plenty of bras and body with the famous cono to tip resembling costumes designed by Gaultier for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

I know is unbelievable! Who would ever expect such cooperation? All of us is asking itself How it started…..

The lingerie is a part of my DNA and my creative experience. It is now thirty years since I designed my first dress-corset and my latest prêt-à-porter I revisited the cone bras and corsets worn as outerwear. The collaboration, therefore, is born as a natural evolution of this approach, since the Pearl is the true “precious pearl” in the world of lingerie, with a great history and the best know how. “-J.P.G

The themes and colors are in harmony with the spirit of Autumn / Winter 2010/2011 fashion designer: sober, retro, ultra-chic and feminine. A collection for women independent, confident and aware of their charm .

dita von teese et jean paul gaultier Jean Paul Gaultier e La Perla uniscono le forze: il mondo della lingerie è in fibrillazione!
The limited edition collection will be available in stores from November Gaultier, La Perla and through traditional distribution networks.
In the meantime let’s see what the C.E.O of La Perla, Alain Prost, said about this project….

The collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier us immense satisfaction from the first design phase. He immediately showed a perfect synergy between his stylistic vision and values of elegance and preciousness that La Perla has as fixed points in its history.
I believe that the rewards will continue even when the collection will be on the international market because it is an
explosive concentration of luxury and femininity that is difficult to resist. This project is the result of a strategic meeting between the two most important countries in the luxury and fashion, France and Italy, and also between Jean Paul Gaultier, a benchmark for couture and La Perla, which represents excellence in the global world of lingerie.

37 exceptional creations and a line that will be the eagerly awaited first collection of lingerie by Jean Paul Gaultier … We just hope not the last! 🙂
Anyway we look forward to finally being able to buy!!!!!!!!

Young Lingerie

7 Sep

These  are all  words that came to our mind every time we see a Tezenis product! Nothing better… and yes because this was , and still is, the intention of the founder: create a young line up with the time!


Tezenis born in September 2003 near Verona, Vallese di Oppeano, with the form of a franchising chain. But the succes of the brand is due to some factors like prime location, technical sales with innovative merchandising but most of all to competitive price!

Who does not never enter in a shop, fall in love with a lingerie piece and go to cash before discovering that the price was to high??? Ah….it’s happened to me million time!!!
With Tezenis this is not  a problem anymore 🙂 You can find whatever you want without thinking about the price! Isn’t it a beautiful sensation?!?!
And then, once you’re in one of the store you don’t want to go out anymore!! Yes, I know…is a little bit dangerous for our pockets….but the atmosphere completely capture you! And that’s because Tezenis has managed to impose its sales philosophy to the market: a strong network stores with a new and alternative imagine, with music in the background and American forniture Loft!


If this can seem to you well enough…you’re wrong!!! Tezenis has a strong relationship with young people and decided to realising it’s proximity to the needs of young people trough important communication activity. Aware of the difficulties may be encountered  in the growth and demonstration of talent, Tezenis becomes a mediator and a figure  of support for the realization of their professional dreams.
Through a highly successful program, ” Amici di Maria De Filippi ” , consistent with the target audience of the brand, Tezenis shows to the general public with the aim to give young talent the first major opportunity for their career, by making available some workships to start the artistic career as professionist with a support found.
Support the talent translates to Tezenis in an enrichment for society we live in, often unaware or indifferent to the great potential of young people.

Consistent with the young fashion is the new spot fall winter 2010 that proposes a girl american style, a little rocket, with a self confident attitude, almost rebellious
Here below the video 🙂

The famous world of intimate

6 Sep

salon international de la lingerie

” The new luxury show “……

” Seductive lingerie is staged “…..

What I’m talking about ? It’s easy 🙂 : of the yearly edition of Le Salòn Internationàl de la Lingerie that take place during Paris fashion week ( every January ) in a beautiful location at Porte de Versailles.
Probably not many people have ever heard about this event, but i’m sure that every fashion lovers knows it very well! Yes, because is a worldwilde event in the lingerie calendar.

Ultra Fashion Show in Paris.

Key figures…

18,808 visitors of which 42% French and 58% International

500 brands exhibiting

70% International brands

Top 10 visitor countries…

2. Germany
3. Belgium
4. Spain
5. United Kingdom
6. Japan
7. Switzerland
8. Netherland
9. United States
10. Austria
– Asia: 8% of overall visitor numbers with Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong
– Spain: major return with 4% of total visitors
– Retailers: 26% of visitors
– Mass market and multiple retailers: 17%

Visitors Feedback:

I was genuinely delighted by the show with a particularly clear product range in these two new pavilions.
This is a must-see event for meeting all the key brands. I have been a loyal visitor to the show for a number of
years now and this has been a very special edition for me
Marinoni Boutique, Sandra Dee – UK

This platform gives all the key
players in the industry an opportunity to get together for three days.
I noted an increase in visitor numbers, a highly aesthetic show and excellent chill-out areas!
Donna Boutique, Rafael Gafarelo – SPAIN

Exhibitors Feedback:

We sensed a spirit of optimism once again. We met lots of French and Belgian visitors, more Germans that usual and a return of Russian visitors. The three-day format during the wave of fashion trade shows is certainly a winning formula.” Francesco Macchi, CEO, DELMAR

We are very satisfied with this session, it marked the return of a good number of visitors from both a national and international point of view. There was a tangible desire for renewal and I think visitors found what they were looking for in the various different aisles…Practically all the visitors were satisfied by the show. Daniel Flachaire, CEO, BANANA MOON

Next Paris fashion week is caming…. and if we have the possibility to take the first flight to France we should better to go to the salon, because is the focal point for lingerie fashion and the latest trand! See you in Paris 😛

High culture vs Mass culture: depends on the tastes!

1 Sep
Italian Seduction:
La Perla  organized in Taipei from 20 of April to 10 of May 2010 a  exhibition entirely dedicated to the art of seduction trough a collection of vintage pictures that explore the feminine universe trough different fashions and trends.
Alain Prost, AD of the company, introduced the show in this way…..
“To understand and appreciate La Perla of today is important not to lose sight of four decades of craftsmanship, creativity and emotions. The exhibition allows direct contact with the heart of this brand of luxury, and vintage images that express the message of femininity and sensuality that Italian La Perla vehicle in the world “
Lingerie and Design: a strange mix!
Who would have imagined, during a walk in Via Tortona, in the heart of the Milanese design, to find a space dedicated to the strange encounter between design and lingerie? yet it is not a joke. It is why La Perla was in the Fuori Salone 2010, of  Milan Design Week, with SensoReal, a project created by Silvio de Ponte, who has transformed the boutique into a soft habitats, devoid of sharp edges, where visitors can get in touch with some of the creations La Perla reinterpreted in optical design.
Starting from the archetypal form of the chair are born Bustier Chair, very crazy chairs that assimilate some precious corsets of La Perla’s collection
New life also for perforated metal garter, transformed in an unusual  but suggestive bench vis-à-vis
And what about one of the most common mass media that is able to reach everybody…. Cinema??
There are a lot of films where underwear is became a symbol for the film itself. Is impossible to list theme all, but some films more than others became part of film history and real Cult.
I’m talking about Marylin Monroe scene, famous all over the world and copied several time in other movies.
Do you remember?
It’s really a cult 🙂 !! In particular, for those who had not seen the movie, the scene shows how, leaving a cinema, on a grid ventilation, the white skirt of Marilyn Monroe is raised by the blast caused by a passing train underground.
Here there is the video:
A very funny gossip i know is that her jealous husband, Joe Di Maggio, obligated Marilyn to wear two pairs of white pants to prevent the crowd to see too! So cute 😉

La Perla, lingerie for a few

29 Aug

The company was born in 1954 when Ada Masotti, a very good corset maker, founded in Bologna a workshop package by name full of promises: La Perla. The name was inspired by the jeweler’s trunk covered with red velvet with which they were transported the first parure.

La Perla started making monochromatic lingerie, specially white or flesh-colored.

Few years later the company started to offer colored underwear, in particoular checkered and floral fabric with lace, and a range of coordinated split uniting blacks in lace bras girdles colored flowers.

Is after feminist context that La Perla states itself as the mark for excellence in the world of lingerie.  The 1978 is a crucial stage in the history of lingerie, during which the fashion begins to exploit the woman and her natural forms, highlighting.

In 1980 La Perla is a big industrial group. This important Know-how led the company to play the card of diversification. The leading brand is backed up by Malizia, that over the years outlines a well defined personality, and beachwear brand AnnaClub.

In 1990 La Perla inaugurates a new style of image: a woman tough and scenic, depicted in poses that indicate the decision and security while wearing garments in lace and tulle combined with the most number of accessories such as shoes, jewelry, jackets and hats. a stylistic choice that implies a progressive approach to intimate fashion.

One year later La Perla opened the firsts boutiques located in the heart of international fashion capitals to convey in a strong way the dream La Perla all over the world!

In 2008 La Perla has been acquired at 100% by JH Partners, company founded in 1986 in San Francisco and specializing in the consumer segment of midsize businesses and high growth potential.

But La Perla holds the scepter for operating a sexual revolution that points to a refined and playful eroticism.

The secret of its success is craftsmanship. La Perla uses only the finest fabrics to produce all of them proposed.

  • Pizzo Leavers: The name ” Leavers ” came from frames used to produced it. These old looms born in England in the first half of the nineteenth century and later landed in France at Calais, where he is the best concentration of manufacturing fine lace.

  • Lavorazione a frastaglio: It is an ancient Florentine workmanship. A valuable point embroidery flat file characteristic of 700!

 Lavorazione a Frastaglio

  • Lavorazione soutache: consists of a tube like a sling, made of silk or other material that is meticulously applied by hand on a base fabric to make a drawing.

Lavorazione Soutache

Even if La Perla could seem a little bit expensive i think every woman likes to feel sexy and confident wearing a lingerie like this, so that the price can be considered something on which it’s possible to pass on 🙂

And you, what do you think about that?

….Part 2

28 Aug

Since we don’t know who’ s gonna be the winner of the Global Final that will take place in London and since there’s our compatriot involved, the only thing we can do is to keep our finger cross and to hope he’ll win 🙂 !

But in the meantime  we focus on his figure…..                                                                                                                                                          Ludovico Loffreda is a student of IED, fashion lab in Milan, which has won the italian final of Triumph Academy Award presented by the italian show girl Rossella Brescia, in the prestigious location Visionnaire Design Gallery in Milan.

The showpiece has been judged by an expert panel composed by:

  • Giovanni Gastel , fashion photographer:

Giovanni Gastel Giovanni Gastel attends the Triumph Inspiration Awards 2009 as part of Milan Womenswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 at the Triennale di Milano on September 23, 2009 in Milan, Italy.

  • Luca Lucini, director

  • Olga Iarussi, AD of Triumph Italy

  • Alberto Baldan, La Rinascente general director

  • Giorgio Martelli, Publisher of Espresso Group
  • Diamante D’Alessio, chief of Io Donna, Italian fashion Magazine

  • Cinzia Malvini, journalist of La7, Italian Tv Channel

This sensational jury decided that our Ludovico Loffreda will represent Italy at the TIA Grand Final in London with his design piece ” Memory of Shape “

After a deserved break, Ludovico granted an interview to make us involved in his joy of winning a so important award.

  1. What prompted you to participate at TIA 2010?

My participation in the TIA is really born by chance: I was already participating in a project with Cried Mandarina Duck crossing and Alessandra Di Palma said, “We inserted between those of Triumph .. so go and win!” CRAZY ..! ! I immediately accepted because I had already heard about this contest in previous years, its potential visibility that was created especially for the fact that if I were back in the top five IED would see a parade for the first time my creation ..! I was really proud to be chosen among several students of the IED ..!

2. From what you’ve been inspired to create your project?

As soon as we were given the Briefing and Concept: Shape Sensation “.. I tried to try to find one among the many forms that could shape all: Line!

3. What do you expect now that you have won this first stage of the competition?? I think it helped to think more in your abilities and what you do?

I’m still living a dream .. undoubtedly the result of this competition gave me the opportunity to prove to myself and others that I’m able to do what I love and above all that I want to do .. but I want to keep my feet ground and try to find everywhere, “source” I do grow more and more .. I hope that this will help me in research and can be chosen to give me some stage or other possibilities.

4. Are you ready for the catwalk in London? What are your picks and your dream on this?

London…?! I can not wait 🙂 Represent Italy makes me too happy! Looking the top of other countries there are some that strike me particularly but I hope that the combination of minimal creativity combined with the feasibility work ..! Finger crossed!

5. You was very excited the night of victory after so many sacrifices, who would you dedicate this award and why?

Great ..! I dedicate it to my parents who simply make many sacrifices so that I continue on my way and all the people who believed in me and believe in me, so obviously I dedicate it to you .. 🙂

That’s all!! Thanks to Ludovico and we only take our finger crossed in the hope he’ll win the Grand Final in London….Good Luck 😉

Lingerie Award

26 Aug

Every year all over the world, Triumph organize the most important event in the lingerie world…


What can exist more interesting and creative then a competition founded on the believe that lingerie is a unique way to celebrate woman’s body and it’s importance? This award has no a long story, but its immediately became synonymous of inspiration, creativity and energy!

Each year in a global competition, the Triumph Inspiration Award challenges design students to harness their inspiration and create a lingerie showpiece that expresses the year’s design theme. Winners of national competitions move on to present their showpieces at the International Grand Final, where the renowned jury selects the strongest, most inspirational showpiece. In addition to being honoured in front of peers and professionals from their industry, the first place winner’s creation is adapted into a commercial garment.

  • 2008

The first global competition started in 2008 in Bejin, where the 31 national finalists presented their own showpieces during a spectacular catwalk show focused on “Female Fascination”, the inspiring enchantment with women’s thoughts, ideas, desires and fears.   Midori Matsuo, 20, from the Bunka Fashion college, won the TIA ’08 Grand Final.

Midori Matsuo and her piece, ” Under Skin “

“When women feel like crying, they tend to hide it. What this kind of delicate feeling and lingerie have in common is that both are only revealed to the “important person” in a woman’s life. I designed my lingerie to look like the face of a crying woman to illustrate this commonality.”

This the words used by the winner to describe her piece, and the feelings in realizing it.

  • 2009

The competition was dedicated to the theme “Icons”, widely-admired someones or somethings, ranging from an individual person, a piece of music or literature, a painting, daring architecture, modern art, a timeless movie, and more. On the 2009 Milan Fashion Week’s opening night, 28 fashion and design students, the national final winners, presented their showpieces in the famous design museum, La Triennale. 20 year-old James Nolan from Great Britain convinced the judges with his interpretation of the icon “”Odette & Odile””

James Nolan and his piece, the re-interpretation of ” Odette and Odile “

  • 2010

The Global Final is not terminated, whilst it’s going to start on September in London, European capital of fashion ( after Paris, of course! 🙂 ). This year’s theme is ” Shape sensation “. Right now we only know the 27 international finalists, among  which there is also Ludovico Loffreda ( IED ), that won the Italian final, placed in Milan at Visionnaire Design Gallery, P.zza Cavour, defeating the others students from all the prestigious fashion schools like NABA and Domus Accademy.